All About Pop Pop!

Becky’s Pop Pop:

Hi my name is Sam or as I tell everyone I meet, “Uncle Sam” to help them remember me. I named this website “Becky’s Pop Pop’s Family Website” to honor my granddaughter’s memory. I believe that “Family” is the strength and backbone of this great nation of ours and our MAIN support for all the personal trials and tribulations of life. As a father, grandfather and great grandfather, I can appreciate the need for savings.That is why my focus for offers that benefit families will be my primary drivers. Savings on items.such as Clothing, Entertainment, Education,Technology etc. I intend to search for offers that will not only save my followers money, but also provide products with proven quality assurance.

Now About Me:

I spent my younger life in the U.S. Navy and had the good fortune of traveling through 26 different countries. These included countries in the Mediterranean and South America. (All expenses paid). This gave me an opportunity to observe different cultures and customs.After meeting and marrying my wife(Now 56 yrs), I spent some time as a police officer. I then moved on to the mechanical trades. My next move was into the World of Sales & Marketing  where I spent more than 35 years dealing with people and understanding their needs.This brings us to the present.

I am now retired but still keeping an active mind. As one of my former employers once stated,”If you’re not going up, you can only be going down!” Therefore, I became involved in this website to help sharpen my mind. My mission, to  help families find the best offers available on the internet today.

So mark this site as a ONE STOP shopping center for you and your family. God bless you and thank you for stopping by.