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Our children become idle during spring and summer breaks. Why not keep them learning with a fun cooking program that doesn’t really seem like Learning. A chance to also bond with your child and prepare them for the future. Let them have the satisfaction of making THEIR OWN meal for mom and dad. Learning cooking safety is an ALL Important part of the program.

Welcome to Kidstir! A cooking program for children and parent. We are moms who want to raise children who have a healthy and happy connection to food. We believe good food can be fun for kids—from shopping at the farmer’s market for ripe raspberries to cooking up a batch of homemade granola bars together in the kitchen. By educating and empowering our kids about food, we can prepare them to make smart, healthy choices, no matter what comes their way!

With our monthly hands-on kits, kids get to build their own cookbooks, try new foods, and learn all about where food comes from. They also will gain important life skills in the kitchen—and cook up some fun family memories

Fun cooking kits, mailed right to your door each month!


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